Why CSR Is Essential To Your Company’s Growth

It’s no longer enough for businesses to simply buy and sell their products and services without considering the world in which they operate. Companies must voluntarily do business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner to be sustainable over the long term. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) will look different for each business. For outdoor apparel maker Patagonia, it means strategically investing in a company that develops textile and garment processing techniques that use no water and generate little waste.


At the end of the day, CSR remains essential to building and maintaining a strong brand reputation. Beyond its capacity to grow your company, a PR campaign based on compelling CSR projects can also help protect a company from harm during a controversial or challenging event. As CSR becomes a priority (and the norm) for more and more businesses, we expect to see a surge of innovative programs addressing sustainability over the long term. (Source: m.huffpost.com)

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