Disrupting The Informal Labor Market in Pakistan

The labor market in Pakistan is dangerously unregulated, unstructured, and operates mainly on an informal basis. While the largest chunk is employed by the agriculture sector, there is also a significant informal market catering to the retail, construction, and household services industries. Affluent Pakistani families employ cooks, drivers, nannies, and gardeners to serve them. Most employment is arranged through personal references, and salaries are paid in cash.


Vast opportunities to scale

Despite these structural gaps, the size and potential of the informal labor market is massive. This is why two new startups are fervently trying to get a piece of it. The first startup, Sukoon, is led by aspiring entrepreneurs Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair. Both are business graduates from a local university, and despite currently working at a Rocket Internet startup, they claim that entrepreneurship is in their blood. “I come from a family that has had a long tradition of doing civic-minded businesses,” says Iqbal. “My passion in life has been to help myself as well as those that are less fortunate than me.”

Source: Tech In Asia

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