Social Innovation through The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is a prime example of social innovation. At a basic level, sharing (rather than owning) assets is more economically efficient, environmentally sustainable, and community-oriented.

The sharing economy addresses a range of social problems—including isolation, over-consumption, and economic scarcity—in new ways. In addition to helping individuals meet their needs and expand their universe of opportunities, it also builds social […]

Human Population & Climate Change

These days, we rarely hear about the need to stabilize soaring human population growth, but clearly this is at the root of many of our problems, such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

In September, the United Nations will update Sustainable Development goals and an international coalition wants universal access to family planning recognized as integral to “climate-compatible development.”


Right now, world […]

What Defines A Social Innovator Anyway?

Social innovation is undersold when it’s introduced as marketing and used interchangeably with corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR can be good philanthropy, but don’t look to a CSR department for transformational systems change — the likes of which we need to truly tackle our world’s wicked problems. Social innovation means permanent and irrevocable disruption. It is not marketing; it is […]

Social Entrepreneurship Today

With concepts and movements such as social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, it is crucial that we pay close attention to the persuasive uses of the terms as well as to their practical implication. All of them are contested, value-laden labels that can be used to reference a wide variety of interests, motives, activities and outcomes.

Depending upon the way in […]