Want To Succeed? Listen To Those You Serve

Social enterprises need to put customer satisfaction and beneficiary feedback at the center of everything they do. Making what beneficiaries think the most important metric of success is both good management and the right thing to do. My research for REDF this summer as a graduate student intern started with two basic truths. First, the business community recognizes that focusing […]

Impact Investing: Time to Unleash PRIs

Foundations are known by most for their ability to heap large gifts (typically grants) on those who seek to improve society. But, regrettably, few outside the social innovation community know that foundations can also act as investors. The 1969 Tax Reform Act created a tool called program-related investments (PRIs), which allows foundations to give working capital to organizations in the […]

10 Lessons from 10 Years As A Social Entrepreneur

1. Be the change
Social entrepreneurship isn’t just a new approach to business. It’s a way of life. We won’t effect meaningful change in the world around us without constantly questioning and challenging ourselves to live and be better — every moment of every day.

2. Only do what’s win-win
Self-interest is out. We must constantly see the world from the perspectives of […]