Study Finds Minority Retail Workers Get Lower Pay

African-American and Latino retail industry employees earn lower wages than their white colleagues

African-American and Latino retail industry employees earn lower wages than their white colleagues, according to a new study.

The report, released on Tuesday by public policy group Demos and the NAACP, found that retailers pay black and Hispanic full-time salespeople about 75% of what they pay white workers in […]

Big Mac Test Shows Job Market Is Not Working to Distribute Wealth

Some 15 years ago, searching for a consistent way to compare wages of equivalent workers across the world, Orley Ashenfelter, an economics professor at Princeton University, came upon McDonald’s.

The uniform, highly scripted production methods used throughout the McDonald’s fast-food empire allowed Professor Ashenfelter to compare workers in far-flung countries doing virtually the same thing. The company also offered a natural […]

An App To Solve Key Contributor to Income Gap

Income volatility has been called America’s “hidden inequality.” The economists Karen Dynan, Douglas Elmendorf and Daniel Sichel estimated in a Brookings Institution paper that American household incomes became 30 percent more volatile between the early 1970s and the late 2000s, and that in recent years, more than one in 10 American households took in half the annual income that they […]

What If Walmart Raised Its Minimum Wage To $70,000 A Year?

Could Walmart afford it?

Well, the company took in $482.2 billion last year in revenue, of which its U.S. operations made up $288.1 billion. It had a profit of $16.18 billion, returned $7.2 billion to shareholders, and paid CEO Doug McMillon $25.6 million. So raising everybody’s salaries that much would definitely leave it without enough cash to cover expenses. Raising everybody […]