Young Investors Favor Socially Responsible Investments

More than 25 percent of investors under the age of 45 have at least one-quarter of their investable assets in socially responsible companies. That’s the key finding of a new report by Spectrem Research, which surveyed 3,000 investors with assets ranging from $100,000 to $25 million.

These young investors are drivers of a rapid rise in total SRI assets, which have […]

Funding Anti-Trafficking Efforts Must Be A Priority

Over the last ten years, legislators in my home state of Louisiana and those in many other states have passed a wide swath of bills that make human trafficking illegal. Those laws begin to give precision to the definitions of the force, fraud, and coercion that characterize trafficking. They have provided additional protections for victims of forced labor. They have […]

Impact Investing: Time to Unleash PRIs

Foundations are known by most for their ability to heap large gifts (typically grants) on those who seek to improve society. But, regrettably, few outside the social innovation community know that foundations can also act as investors. The 1969 Tax Reform Act created a tool called program-related investments (PRIs), which allows foundations to give working capital to organizations in the […]

Raising Startup Funds from Friends and Family

Raising funds from friends and family often seems like the logical first step for a new business to raise money. After all, you will be hard pressed to find an investor who is willing to shell out funds when your whole business is simply a couple motivated people with a great idea. However, accepting money from friends and family is not as straight […]

The Case Against Investing in Social Innovation

Innovation is often viewed as an unquestionably worthy endeavor, and in most cases, I think that is true. But in the social sector, the benefits of experimentation and innovation must be carefully weighed against the costs incurred by all stakeholders.

Starting with the perspective of funders, there appears to be a straightforward reason why investing in innovation is popular: the benefits […]