Recognising Sustainability in The Foodservice Sector

From food miles to food waste, the out of home foodservice sector has a myriad of sustainability challenges to contend with at every stage in the supply chain, starting from the way in which ingredients are grown or sourced, right through to the way that produce is served to customers or packaged for takeaway, and how the inevitable waste is dealt with.


Five years ago, the Footprint Awards were established to celebrate the businesses and individuals leading the way on sustainability within the foodservice and hospitality sector, with the aim of driving best practice and raising standards across the industry. This year, a wide range of organisations were recognised, ranging from small start-ups such as Simply Cups, the UK’s only paper cup collection and recycling service, to global giants such as Tate & Lyle Sugars, which received an award for the positive impact it has delivered for sugar cane farmers and their communities in developing countries.

Source: The Guardian

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