Is Technology Reinventing Recruitment?

Technology, especially social media, has dramatically changed the way people communicate in recent years, and what I call “digital fluency” has become the business literacy of the 21st century. Digital fluency is the ability to use social and mobile technology to communicate, collaborate and connect with people.


In HR, most recruiters have already realized the necessity of social media for sharing jobs, getting employee referrals and even building a pool of potential talent. For other HR professionals, digital fluency is also essential because it provides us with tools to communicate more effectively internally, enhance learning and connect employees, all ultimately developing stronger culture and engagement. I’ve found great examples of digital fluency having a positive impact on HR and culture through the use of social enterprise technology.

Improving Communication

Communication has long been identified as one of the most critical challenges in organizations. It affects alignment, engagement and productivity. In an increasingly knowledge-focused world, information sharing is becoming a huge issue, as workers store masses of tacit knowledge in their heads, creating duplication of efforts, difficulty finding information, and ultimately frustration and loss of productivity. As organizations grow, silos tend to grow as well, separating departments, locations, people and knowledge

Source: Huffington Post

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