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Rose Spinelli is a crowdfunding consultant. In January 2014, she  was named among the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Crowdfunding Today.”

As a trainer and educator Rose realized it would be helpful for people to have access to valuable information on how to crowdfund that was reasonably priced and all in one place, a way to learn at their own pace in their own time. So Working the Crowd: Know the Fundamentals was born. It’s a six-part online learning series that covers everything you need to know from pre-launch to fulfillment. (Please go to my Services page to see the Video Series breakdown.)

Now my crowdfunding course is not only offered on Udemy. but also to the academic community through United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurs (USASBE) by entrepreneur educators who offer it to students as supplemental educational material. It is also available on QuipuApps.

Rose writes a Tip of the Week column for and has been a panelist and/or moderator at multiple crowdfunding conferences.

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