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REDF creates jobs and employment opportunities for people facing the greatest barriers to work.

We do it by investing capital and expertise in mission-driven organizations. We help them build their business. Expand their markets. Measure the results. And reinvest in programs to employ more people. We call it social enterprise. It's a revolutionary approach that can transform our economy. By giving people an opportunity to change their lives with a job, REDF believes we can build an America that works for all of us.

Recent Posts

Investing in Young Adults Benefits All of Us

Without question, the War on Poverty significantly improved outcomes for older Americans. Their rates of poverty plummeted more than any other demographic. The social programs created during that period, including Medicare and Social Security, continue to help our elder population.

Today, we face another urgent challenge that will require the same level of commitment and investment. Nearly 6 million young adults in […]

Want To Succeed? Listen To Those You Serve

Social enterprises need to put customer satisfaction and beneficiary feedback at the center of everything they do. Making what beneficiaries think the most important metric of success is both good management and the right thing to do. My research for REDF this summer as a graduate student intern started with two basic truths. First, the business community recognizes that focusing […]