10 Socially-Responsible Ways To Make Your Business More Profitable

The trend towards social responsibility in the workplace is driving many successful businesses to rethink their processes and products to ensure they are as ethical and sustainable as possible.


One business leading the way in this sector is Patagonia. The adventure wear retailer has been exploring new ways to build a more responsible supply chain for more than 25 years.

Jill Dumain, Patagonia’s director of environmental strategy, shared her tips on how to strive towards responsibility at the Global Conscious Business Summit in Sydney recently.

Here’s what she said about 10 key areas to focus on:

1. Engage all stakeholders, not just shareholders

2. Commit to thriving, not just surviving

3. Know your supply chain

4. Use the abundance of tools available to you

5. Be transparent and don’t be afraid to fail

6. Take responsibility for the full life-cycle of your product

7. Educate your customers

8. Support and stay connected with your drivers of your motivation

9. Turn blue sky thinking into action

10. Share what you’ve learned for change on a greater scale

Source: Business Insider

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