These Five Corporations Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration

Likely the most well-known prison profiteers in the United States are the Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group. Between them, these two firms pulled in about $3.3 billion last year running scores of private prisons and immigration detention centers.


However, these two firms are not alone feasting at the trough of corrections expenditure. Many other companies, most of them off the popular radar, are also benefiting from epidemic prison and jail building. Some may even be even operating in your neighborhood. Here we’ll do a quick sketch of five such companies, outline their activities, ponder their deeds of infamy, and reflect a little on how to curtail their profiteering.

No. 1: Turner Construction: If We Build it They Will Come

No. 2: BI Incorporated: Keeping Track of “Offenders”

No. 3: Aramark: Would You Like a Maggot with Your Meal?

No. 4: Securus Technologies: Justifying $1.3 billion in Kickbacks

No. 5: Bob Barker: “Honoring God in All We Do”


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