New Social Media Platform Facilitates Consumer Citizenship

Silicon Valley start-up Scalechange has announced a suite of programs and services aimed at connecting socially conscious consumers with the causes they care about.


Scalechange, founded in 2014 provides digital marketing, crowdfunding and fund development services to mission-driven businesses such as B-Corps and nonprofits. In addition to providing services to the causes they care about, the team is creating innovative new products that utilize the latest web and app technology for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Commonstake is the Better Business Bureau of the digital age — a social website with user generated ratings that close the gap between people who want to shop ethically but can’t due to obfuscating marketing messages. Commonstake provides consumers with transparency and the ability to rate Fortune 500 and BCorp businesses on different sustainability metrics such as environmental standards, social quality and governance. Users can submit articles and information about these companies and keep everyone in the community informed. In turn, the rated companies will be allowed to respond to and engage with consumers. The app includes features for companies such as advertising, branded content on company pages, analytics and access to the user generated ratings.

“People have lost faith in major institutions like business and government,” said Scalechange CEO Ben Miller. “They would prefer to hear CSR messaging from companies themselves. While everyone wants to go green, many fall victim to corporate greenwashing. Fortunately, there’s an app for that now.”

Scalechange LLC will be launching two sister sites: Commonstake, a user generated rating system for non-profits, and Crowdwill, a crowdfunding platform. They are scheduled for release on (date) and (date).

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Benjamin Miller, CEO
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Scalechange launches New technology
Innovative rating websites for socially conscious consumers
SANTA CLARA, CA -- May 7, 2015 

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