We’ve helped dozens of small businesses and organizations, socially-minded changemakers aiming to expand their reach and build impact capacity. Our marketing experts incorporate proven methodologies, experienced personnel, and a highly responsive approach to engagement. We’ll help you create engaging and contextually relevant content supported by distribution across owned channels and optionally, paid social advertising.

Social Solutions

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to help causes stay ahead of trends despite limited financial or human resources. We incorporate the best-performing solutions, focused on social media and SEO, while integrating our guidance and care in content creation, distribution and reach. While our consultants are deliverable-oriented, we also provide the training and support for this new strategy to ensure that you’ll ramp up your online presence quickly and realize concrete improvements in your metrics.

Social Media

We utilize software that we’ve identified as the most effective for bootstrapped marketing, which we’ve tested on our own projects to great avail. We reserve a significant amount of our current budget on software licenses, which we leverage on our clients’ budgets’ behalf. The tools we use on a project include social media user management, content management, data analytics, and optionally, email marketing and paid advertising.


  • Digital Marketing Automation: We analyze your current digital marketing and use automation services to oversee, deliver content, and interact with social media accounts.
  • Content Creation and Distribution: We create content that is both engaging and provides kickback to the original site, using proven methods to increase traffic.
  • Social Media Monitoring: We provide the metrics behind every campaign we run. We review analytics behind each post to see which strategies are working and which should be thrown to the curb. This data is delivered via reports to show what information has been discovered. 
  • Paid Advertising: We review and suggest proper areas to begin a paid advertising campaign. We find the best areas to deliver information and properly curate material to include in those advertisements.
  • Email Marketing: Using subscriptions we have participated with in the past, we can reach former and interested prospects that could potentially become partners and clients. With focused and concise material, updates on your projects can be delivered to those that are interested.


  • Audit: Analyze your current pages and posts, identifying your 200 best performing keywords, their competitiveness and their popularity, globally and locally.

  • Makeover: Analyze and identify 200 new keywords you would benefit from the most. We can then implement these findings by cross referencing them with our Audit assessment, provided suggested alternatives for keywords in your current digital assets: 10-20 for each post and 3-5 for each headline.

  • Editorial Guide: Suggest concepts for new blog posts based on our SEO assessment. Pulling from the data above, we create at least 50 headline concepts rich with strong keywords, along with data on each phrase in play and each headline’s overall search competitiveness and popularity.

  • Keyword Playbook: Suggest which related keywords you should include in each of the suggested concepts from the Editorial Guide you elect to write, along with the data of each of the recommended keywords. We produce 10-20 recommended keywords for each post, along with the data on each, so you prioritize the best.

  • Impact Audit: Provide a before-and-after report on your organic search engine performance, including all keywords and phrases implemented in the Makeover, Editorial Guide and Keyword Playbook, providing data analysis, interpretation and suggested routes for the future.

Search Engine Optimization Social Intrapreneurs

Retainer Packages:

We can create concepts for new blog posts based on keyword research of at least 25 headline concepts with accompanying data each month, and optionally, creating articles for you. Depending on the strategy co-created with you in our discovery, we will help you manage your social platforms with the most potential, and create accounts where you are not yet represented. We can also provide a repeating data report on your organic search engine performance, including all keywords and phrases, new and old. 

Social Media and SEO:

  • 5 Articles
  • 5 Accounts
  • 50 Keywords
  • 15 Articles
  • 15 Accounts
  • 150 Keywords
  • 30 Articles
  • 30 Accounts
  • 300 Keywords


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