Legal Review

Are you in the beginning stages of your startup, or are you planning a legal restructuring? We can help with basic legal structure support from education on different corporate and legal entity structures, articles of incorporation, drafting by-laws, decision-making to organizational structure models. We can also help support financial systems and processes to ensure the most ease for finalizing payroll, taxes, and all other government filings.


Sometimes businesses have a difficult time even deciding which legal entity type of the alphabet soup they should even consider: A Nonprofit, an LLC, a partnership, a C-Corp, S-corp, or one of the many other legal entity forms. We can talk you through the benefits and options of being a sponsored spin-off organization which can reduce initial taxes and legal burden.  

Once you have your basic legal framework, we can ensure that you have the most optimized structure, systems, and processes, and help you make your by-laws applicable to your business itself. We aren’t lawyers, so we guarantee that your legal documents and bylaws are easily readable by normal everyday staff within your business. We will have them checked by a lawyer to make sure they are compliant on all laws and regulations, while being readable and applicable to actually running your business.

Once your business is functioning and smoothly making decisions, we can also help you with your financial systems. Don’t get caught at the end of the year not understanding your own finances! It’s best to put in a system early on so that you are in control of your own finances and your own taxes. The alternative is also fine, as we can help you find accountants and tax experts/CPAs that can do it all for you – for a hefty price, of course.