Karma Marketing: Branding Like A Buddhist

Could the key to sustainable business be changing corporate mindsets from a culture of “more” – more revenue, more profit, more market share – to one of “enough”?


Bangkok-based brand strategist Sirikul Laukaikul argued that’s the case in a presentation about an idea called the “sufficiency economy philosophy” at Sustainable Brands in San Diego, California, this week.

The idea is for businesses and individuals to do what they can to make sure that everyone on the planet has enough of what they need – and to be happy with having enough resources, instead of taking more than they need, she said.

“Most marketing based on just one word: more,” she said. She showed a slide titled “bad karma”. “When we try to create more and more and more all the time, that we call greed. Anything beyond your needs is greed.”

Greed ultimately leads to dissatisfaction, anger, ignorance and foolish behavior, while marketing that focuses on sharing instead of on greed can lead to kindness, satisfaction and good behavior, Laukaikul claimed.

Source: The Guardian

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