How Corporate Social Responsibility Is Moving From Optional To Mandatory

“Sustainability for a business today is not a nice-to-do thing,” said Arif Naqvi, founder and group chief executive of the Abraaj Group. “It’s a have-to-do thing. Naqvi, a key participant in the 2015 Oslo Business for Peace Summit and keynote speaker at the subsequent Business for Peace Award Ceremony, described a
new, urgent corporate pragmatism that goes beyond idealism or kind intentions.

Within a global society increasingly vexed by income inequality, conflict and environmental challenges, he and other event participants argued that the only smart long-term business move is to demonstrate a tangible commitment to the larger good.

“Sustainability is no longer just something for making a company better,” said Naqvi, who serves on the board of the United Nations Global Compact and was a 2013 honoree of the Business for Peace Foundation. “It’s become crucial to a company’s ability to show that it has a right to exist.”

Source: Forbes

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