How Agroforestry Can Increase Coffee Farms’ Resilience To Climate Change

What is at stake in global climate? How is it affecting coffee farmers?


Climate change materializes in extreme climatic events and storms. The harvests of small-scale coffee farmers are already directly affected by prolonged droughts and heavy rains. This happens more and more often, with major impacts on crops. Moreover, damages are increased when the ecosystem is already degraded: erosion, aridification, pollution and lack of biodiversity… Farms need to be regenerated and more diversified to increase their resilience and adaptation to these climatic changes.

This is key to deliver great quality coffee too. You need a rich, robust and diversified ecosystem to deliver a grand cru. Climate change comes from the excess of greenhouse gases, of which Co2, present in the atmosphere. Trees absorb and sequester Co2 and transforms it into oxygen, hence, they are a perfect match to serve as “carbon sinks”, to offset our climate footprint. You may already know this, and it’s true, trees are a privileged way to balance human activities with Nature.

Source: 3BL Media

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