A Seven Step Guide To “Net Positive”

Net positive is far more transformative and ambitious than corporate social responsibility.


It’s not just about reducing impacts here and there, rather it requires a systems-based approach and the involvement of the entire business.

1. Net positive is about giving more than you take
2. Boundaries are important
3. It isn’t just repackaged CSR

It also allows businesses to engage employees and customers with a positive message around sustainability, rather than one of reduction. “When we advocate CSR, we’re often perceived as saying that business is inherently bad,” says sustainability consultant Sarah Holloway. “But net positive allows those who believe business is a force for good to get excited about sustainability.”

4. Greenwash is difficult
5. Fossil fuels and gambling are out
6. It can be a great springboard for entrepreneurs
7. Profit isn’t the measure of success

“We are very comfortable ‘borrowing’ from our future selves to finance our present wellbeing and less comfortable investing in others’ future wellbeing,” says Davis. In the future, instead of success being defined in terms of profit, as it is in the selfish shareholder model, the success of a business will be measured by its net positive impact.

Source: The Guardian

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