The Good Radio Network: Introducing Scalechange’s New Strategic Partner!


Introducing GRN, led by host and firecracker of hope, Frankie Picasso!

As a Social-Preneur and advocate for a socially conscious planet, it is my passion and purpose to help make a positive social impact on the world around me. Ways I hope to accomplish this are by making sure our content is positive and uplifting, that our guests are inspirational and that we continue to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE to those around us, in whatever capacity they need.

I really value this Art of Giving, which has worked as a successful model for BNI founder Ivan Misner, who teaches this personal philosophy to each of his members throughout his 5000 chapters.

He states, “Givers Gain!” and I know that Ivan wouldn’t dream of asking someone for their business if he hadn’t first asked how he could help them, and not just once.

I say there are no scorekeepers when it comes to giving. Since I value you and this philosophy, let me extend the same invitation to you. Please tell me how I might help you?

No topic or guest is too big or too small to be appreciated by this network. If someone you know is orchestrating change in the world in a positive way, then we all benefit from knowing about them and celebrating them. I look forward to meeting all these truly wonderful amazing guests, and making each day of our lives, La Dolce Vita!

My goal is to grow our network and engage as many folks as possible in what we are doing, that they’ll be asking us how they can help! :)

In the meantime, if you are so inclined, one way you can help is to garner new listeners. It’s not fun is no one is listening. Please share your enthusiasm for what you hear with your friends, co-workers, family members, etc. All of our shows will be broadcast live and also archived and available 24/7 to listen to at your convenience.

Sponsors are vital to our network. We are looking for financial assistance to grow the network, assist our core projects and add on more. We need assistance in the area of advertising and marketing, and we look for financial support in the form of dollars as well as with ‘in kind’ donations. Volunteers are the lifeblood of so many non profit projects and I look forward to growing our Ambassadors of Good program. If you are reading this and have a light bulb moment, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Your ideas are always welcome and I am open to dialogue as to how we might benefit one another now and in the future. My intention at The Good Radio Network is to see everyone we meet positively impacted by the GOOD we will do here.

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to this year’s Core Project Recipients. Help me support their work and if you are so inclined, reach out to any of them that interest you. If you haven’t yet checked out the page: Core Projects of Good, I encourage you to visit this Page next and meet all the amazing superstars of our upcoming season:

in 2015, Mark Barone and his partner Marina Dervan will bring their museum project ‘An ACT of Dog’ to life in 2015. ‘An ACT of Dog’ will bring awareness to thousands of people around the world and positively impact more adoptions of Shelter pets. Find out what happens to dogs when they enter a shelter and what an oxymoron the term shelter really is. You will feel the love and compassion these two have for these shelter dogs, who will be forever remembered on canvas, captured brilliantly by the phenomenal artist Mark Barone.

Support “I Believe in Girls” and their spokesperson Malala as she courageously inspires each of us through her example of bravery. When Malala was a young Pakistani girl aged 12, she spoke out against the Taliban, their rule, and how they often denied girls the right to an education. She was taken off her school bus one afternoon and shot in the head. She miraculously recovered and today is an activist and spokesperson, for “I Believe in Girls”. A role model for girls everywhere, she now works tirelessly to ensure that ALL Girls have the right to attend school and complete their education.

Gina Gippner Woods is an amazing woman who single handedly brought a bundle of love and comfort to sick children in the form of a comfort toy she named OwieBowWowie. While she has loads of support from the 4000 recipients who benefited from Owie’s love, she has yet to receive financial backing from a Corporate sponsor. OwieBowWowie is important  for hospital children and Gina saw this first hand; she was a patient in the hospital herself when the idea first came to her. She saw many children who never had a visitor all day. Their parents worked all day and they had to go through painful tests all alone. Having an OwieBowWowie to hug and hold, that they could cry into or talk to throughout the day, really made a huge difference in their recovery and hospital stay. Let’s make sure that every child who needs a FURiend today is able to hug and hold an OwieBowWowie today.

Last but certainly not least, please stand at the helm of Mercy Ships with me and observe the relief and huge 10,000 watt SMILE of a Mother, who witnesses the transformation of her child’s face for the first time, and realizes that they are now normal. Mercy Ships helps with reconstructive surgeries in Africa for those who would be unable to afford it. Their child will have friends, a chance for a normal life, marriage, job, etc. For $250.00 and about 445 minutes of a surgeon’s time, a child has their life back and that is priceless.

As a mother and a human being, I wish to do everything in my power to change the world we live in on so many levels. We have not been good shepherds. To be brutally honest — our stewardship SUCKS —  but we still have time to change the way we think and operate globally. I worry about the future of my children and their children. What about you? Does the future frighten you? Money is not equal to or of greater value than someone’s life.

I ask you to join me in doing the right thing because it IS the right thing to do! The legacy I want to leave behind is a brighter future for those who come after me as well as for those who are here in NEED right here, right now (including any living creature as well as humans) and to create opportunities that INSPIRE others to specialize in the IMPOSSIBLE too! I am grateful that you have found your way to this site and I thank you for your time spent here…

Frankie Picasso, Host
The Good Radio Network

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