Five Ways Social Media Is Driving Corporate Social Responsibility

With key sustainability credentials often hidden deep within long annual reports, businesses are increasingly embracing the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to communicate directly with their customer base.


Global brands have long purported to place sustainability at the heart of their business plans, but actually getting customers on your side over big sustainability issues has become crucial for business survival and growth.

With customers only ever a click away and able to hold companies to account in public arenas, a social marketing policy has become a must-have for business.

A report released earlier this year by consultancy firm Sustainly heralded this as ‘the era of ‘soft sustainability’, highlighting how more and more companies are spreading their sustainability messages on social media and engage with customers on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Edie has taken this a step further; turning the spotlight to big brands’ social media marketing campaigns and pulling together this round-up of five ways social media is driving change in the world of CSR.



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