Five Ways to Embed Sustainability into The Core of Your Company

The process begins in house, and it starts by weaving sustainability into a corporation’s core values. At Tetra Pak, communication is the key ingredient for translating environmental sustainability into actionable business imperatives.  This involves aligning strategic agendas and key priorities across all functions while building momentum for change through information, understanding and engagement.


The approach aims to develop sustainability champions–employees who will help push the company’s sustainability agenda forward. The five considerations below are critical factors to develop champions while rallying the rest of the organization behind its sustainability vision.

1.   Establishing Credibility
2.   Understanding Your Landscape
  • Who – Who are the key players?
  • Power of Influence –How much power do they have to drive your sustainability agenda forward?
  • Support – Where do they stand on these issues (positive, neutral, resistant)?
  • Reaction – How are they expected to react to your sustainability objectives?
  • Impact – How will they be impacted by your strategy?
  • Concerns/Interests – What are their core interests/concerns?
  • What We Need – What is your desired outcome from the
3.   Carrying Dialogues
4.   Campaigning for Change
5.   Spreading the Word

Source: CSR Wire

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