Cracks Appear in The Climate Change Deniers’ Defenses

While Exxon Mobil did not sign the letter, its stance has also evolved. For years, the company poured millions of dollars into organizations promoting climate change denial. However, in a report to shareholders last year, an Exxon Mobil vice president said , “The risk of climate change is clear and the risk warrants action.” To that end, Exxon Mobil has expressed support for a carbon tax.


In fact, Exxon Mobil has already responded to the likelihood of international climate action by applying “shadow” carbon prices to its international operations, based on the likelihood that a given country will restrict emissions. As the Nation’s environmental correspondent Mark Hertsgaard pointed out in Businessweek, the company actually revised its U.S. carbon price in the wake of last fall’s “People’s Climate March” in New York. “We look at all kinds of things that affect government policies, and that many people marching is clearly going to put pressure on government to do something,” a spokesman said.

Source: Washington Post

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