Swiss Companies Take Monsanto Product Off The Shelves

The WHO reports that the herbicide glyphosate is probably carcinogenic influenced some companies. The Swiss retail chains Migros and Coop take glyphosate out of their stores. In Bavaria a ban was up for debate, however the parliament was against it.


In March, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the herbicide glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic”. A renewed debate on the use of the controversial drug has begun. Glyphosate is worldwide the most widely used weed killer. The active ingredient is used not only in agriculture, but also by hobby gardeners.

Nevertheless its risks for humans and the environment have been debated for years. The US group Monsanto patented glyphosate in 1971 as an herbicide – today Monsanto makes, alone with his famous weed killer “Roundup”, 2 billion US dollars per year. After the WHO warning some companies have decided to take glyphosate-containing products from the market.


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