Chipotle Helps Refugees Replant Their Roots

Chipotle, primarily known for its Food with Integrity campaign, has been a quiet supporter of refugees who are creating new roots in the U.S. For the past few years, the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation has provided grants to support the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) New Roots Program, and is currently in the midst of a two-year commitment to finance the program’s MicroProducer Program. The initiative helps farmers adapt to American urban farming techniques and allows participants to grow produce to feed their families and sell to farmers markets. The program grew more than $1 million in produce in 2013 and expanded to an additional four cities last year.


Beyond simply providing funding, Chipotle has purchased produce grown in the program and provides job training to refugees. According to Chipotle’s company blog, the company hires between 70-75 percent of applicants referred by the IRC, an astounding rate given the company typically hires between 5-10 percent of people who apply to Chipotle restaurants.

Source: Cone Communications

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