Juntos Project: Smart Fashion & Functional Beauty

Frankie Picasso and the Good Radio Network speaks to Mauricio Laniades, the young entrepreneur and CEO of Juntos Shoes and the Juntos Project.

Mauricio manufactures the iconic El Zapato de Lona, the Ecuadorian street shoe! The flip-flop is to Rio, is like this simple canvas lace-up is to cities like Guayaquil, Ecuador. The shoe is worn by the the working class, […]

The Good Radio Network: Introducing Scalechange’s New Strategic Partner!


Introducing GRN, led by host and firecracker of hope, Frankie Picasso!
As a Social-Preneur and advocate for a socially conscious planet, it is my passion and purpose to help make a positive social impact on the world around me. Ways I hope to accomplish this are by making sure our content is positive and uplifting, that our guests are inspirational and […]