Global Water Crisis Demands Business and Government Action

You may be surprised to learn that the one issue that keeps the world’s leaders up at night is not weapons of mass destruction or cross-border conflict. It’s not the threat of another fiscal crisis or the spread of infectious diseases. It’s water.

The World Economic Forum announced this week at its annual meeting in Davos that the global water crisis […]

Amazon Finally Buys Some Renewable Energy

“Long criticized for its disinterest in lowering emissions or using clean energy, is finally taking steps in that direction…

Amazon Web Services Wind Farm expands Fowler Ridge, one of the largest wind farms in the world. Spread across 50,000 acres, so far it has 355 turbines and 499.8 MW of capacity.”

(Source: […]

U.N. Global Compact Expels Hundreds for Non-Compliance

2014 was a mixed year for the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative, which has been working to increase the adoption of sustainable practices in the global business sector.

The organization announced last week that it had expelled 372 companies in the last half of 2014 for not submitting their Communication of Progress (COP) reports, which members are required to submit […]

Is It Profitable To Let The World Go To Hell?

Is It Profitable To Let The World Go To Hell? » $cale¢hange

“It is cost-effective to postpone global climate action. It is profitable to let the world go to hell…

I believe that the tyranny of the short term will prevail over the decades to come. As a result, a number of long-term problems will not be solved, even if they could […]

Green Supply Chain Management

As concern for our environment grows and more and more people become aware of problems such as global warming, toxic substance useage and ever decreasing natural resources Governments internationally are encouraging organisations to apply ‘green’ principles to their areas of work. As part of this drive towards corporate greening, an increasing number of organisations are adopting the principles of green […]