Who’d A Thunk Ben & Jerry’s Could Save the World through Ice Cream?


41 percent of Ben & Jerry’s carbon footprint came from cows.

Here’s the breakdown of the culprits, which CoClear shared at this year’s Sustainable Brands conference:

  • Growing and producing ingredients: 54 percent (aka, mostly cows)
  • Transporting ice cream from the plant to the distribution centers: 14 percent
  • Freezing product at the stores: 10 percent
  • All packaging throughout the production process: 10 percent
  • Factory operation: 7 percent

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the first companies to do a lifecycle assessment of its products.

– Saving 10,000 metric tons of GHGs
– Fancy new refrigerators
– The “Save Our Swirled” flavor
– The “Endangered Pints List”

These ingredients are “in the crosshairs of climate change.” Ben & Jerry’s says if the globe continues warming, these ingredients will be scarce or disappear.

Ben & Jerry’s is the crème de la crème when it comes to companies lightening their environmental footprint.

Source: Triple Pundit

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