5 Eco-Friendly Trends Radically Transforming Food Service

You know things are changing when restaurant giants like McDonald’s and Burger King publicly oppose unethical farm animal practices. Recent news has seen resturants going green and implementing sustainable practices to conserve energy and provide healthier offerings. As restaurants race toward trends the millennial generation embraces, environment- and animal-friendly initiatives are picking up speed.

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Natural and organic foods, reduction of waste and transparency in origin of menu items are among the fastest growing restaurant trends in the nation. And with economically powerful countries like the U.S.and China committing to reduce carbon and water pollution, sustainable practices may become a way of life.

The eco-friendly bandwagon is racing toward the future, restaurants in tow, leveraging the following trends:

1. Serving natural/hormone free food

Good Times Restaurants Inc., operator of Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, a regional quick-service restaurant chain, introduced all natural bacon system-wide in April, 2015. Following trendsetters like Chipotle, the company’s bacon is nitrate, hormone and antibiotic free.

Source: FastCasual.com

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